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We believe..

that illuminating the light rather than battling the dark is the quickest way of conquering the dark.

that embracing developments in internet and technology rather than rejecting such growth lies the path to a better the world.

that sharing of the unique good and wisdom that is embedded in each culture will accelerate the process of the world transforming for the better.

Following these underlying beliefs our goal is to share with the world community what is closest to our hearts and what we have the deepest knowledge of- Korean culture, traditions and wisdom.

We believe and hope that our such efforts will become one of the seeds that will fuel similar exchanges around the world and help the organic development of an understanding global community.

We promise to always be illuminating, unique, informative and thought provoking.

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Our core mission is to facilitate the creation of a more understanding and gentler global community. One of the ways to achieve this goal is by candid sharing of insights and information. We will not be able to continue pursue this goal without supporters and friends. We appreciate any assistance that you might be able to grant us.

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