Along with the Gods storms to the top of Korean box office history

by Knowing Korea

Following on from its popularity at the end of 2017, the move has entered 2018 defending its place at the top of the box office. 
The standard measure of a successful movie in Korea is to reach an audience of ten million, a feat achieved by only 15 films in the past, and one surpassed in just 16 days.


Along with the Gods shows a uniquely Korean interpretation of the afterlife. According to the traditional Korean myth, an immortal sprit resides in the mortal body of flesh and blood, and after death this spirit will pass into the world of the afterlife and be judged on his or her actions in this world by the king of the afterlife. 


If you lived a good life, you will be given 7 trials to complete within 49 days after your death. If you complete these trials successfully, you will then be given the chance to be reborn as a human. However, if you are too heavily loaded down with sins, then you will not receive any chance of rebirth and suffer in a terrible hell, undying until you wash your sins away.


In a Firefighter named Ja-Hong Kim dies while trying to save the life of little girl. Kim, still unaware he had died, is then visited by three angels of death whose goal is to help him defeat the seven trials and become reborn.

Their motivation is not purely selfish, however, as the king of the afterlife promised the angels to also allow them to become reborn as humans after helping 49 sprits.