Yoon’s Kitchen 2 Introduces the World to Korean Food

by KnowingKorea

‘Yoon’s Kitchen’ is a popular TV show in Korea about actors opening Korean restaurants in popular tourist locations overseas. In the currently airing second season, actress Yoon Yeo-jeong, the namesake of the show, is joined by actors and actresses Lee Seo-jin, Jeong Yu-mi and Park Seo-joon, in the town of Garachico on the Spanish island of Tenerife. From their first day things were already going wrong, as they were forced to close down and relocate their restaurant due to a sea-cleaning operation on the beach where their restaurant was located. Fortunately, the experience has been smoother since.

By opening their restaurants in popular tourist locations, they are able to show off Korean food not just to locals, but to people from around the world, with Swiss, Danish, German, Belgian and Russian being just a handful of the nationalities of customers they have fed so far.

Recently, they asked their customers to name their favourite Korean dishes they have eaten at the restaurant, with the top three being as follows:

1-   Bibimbap – rice mixed with various vegetables and chili pepper paste


2-   Hoddeok – a kind of pancake filled with a sweet filling


3-   Chicken Gangjeong – fried chicken in a sweet and spicy sauce