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Relieve your hangover with bean sprout and rice soup

by KnowingKorea

One of the most available, and therefore the cheapest, foods in Korea, bean sprout provides arginine, which is known to help relieve hangovers. Many who drink tonight will have bean sprout and rice soup tomorrow. Called kongnamul-gukbap in Korean, the dish is usually served in a hot pot, the soup still boiling, the rice hidden under the soup. You can season it with salted shrimps and jangjorim, soy sauce braised beef. Ask for chopped green pepper, if you want a biting taste. Eggs may be in your soup, or served separately, usually poached. The recipe for bean sprout and rice soup may differ from region to region, with the Jeonju-style one regarded as the best.


Jeonju Kongnamul haejangguk. Image by KnowingKorea.