Image by anokarina (, CC BY-SA 2.0 license.

How to Eat Samgyeopsal Grill

by Knowing Korea

Grilled pork belly, or Samgyeopsal-gui in Korean, is doubtlessly no.1 preference for most Koreans when they dine out with friends, family, company colleagues, and perhaps foreign tourists. Samgyeopsal is grilled on the table and cut with scissors in bite sizes. You may wrap the grilled meat in lettuce or sesame leaves, with some green pepper and garlic slices if you like, and don’t forget the ssamjang, a thick spicy paste used in many Korean dishes. Or, you can eat any way you like. Samgyeopsal grill is usually accompanied by alcoholic beverages such as soju, beer, or soju-beer cocktail, called ‘so-maek’ in Korean.

Image by KnowingKorea