Garakguksu in Daejeon station is one of the famous noodle restaurant in Korea. Image by KnowingKorea.

What is the difference between garakguksu and udon?

by KnowingKorea

Garakguksu, a noodle dish in soup, is Korean variation of Japanese udon. The name was first used to replace the Japanese word ‘udon,’ but ends up in two different dishes with two different names. One of the cheapest dishes you could eat in a restaurant, Korean garakguksu consists of different noodles, different broth, and different toppings from those of udon. Usually served with kimchi and a few slices of yellow pickled radish only, the dish may be too light for a proper meal.

Udon is one of the Japanese noodle. Image by KnowingKorea.