From Dropout to Tchaikovsky - a young virtuoso hoping to create a brighter world

by Knowing Korea

[[Image : Eun-ji HA's Facebook (Link)]]


When 23-year old Eun-ji Ha was in her first year of high school, she wrote her parents a ten-page letter explaining how she intended to drop out and pursue her dreams.


Receiving their blessing, she dedicated her free time to teaching herself piano and composition, going on to release eight single- and two full-length albums, and publish two novels in the years since. Not one to be satisfied so easily, she dreams ever higher of becoming the first Korean to win the Nobel Prize in Literature, and perform at Carnegie Hall.


The daughter of a pastor, Eun-ji is far from shy about her faith and the strength she has gained from prayer since embarking down this road toward her dreams. Writing in prayer on blogging platform Brunch, she stated:


Lord, I don’t need much for myself.

I don’t need to eat delicious food every day, or wear expensive clothes.

All I ask is to bring happiness to those around me, to fill the stomachs of poor children, and dress them in beautiful clothes.

If my writing and music can help to make this world of ours a little brighter, that, for me, would be enough.