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One day. lettuce told me...

by Knowing Korea

Few people like to harm other lives. However, animals on Earth have been destined to maintain their lives by consuming other lives.

Many people refuse to eat meat because they do not want to hurt other living beings. A woman who retired from school was one of those people.

She tended a vegetable garden, and she always felt sorry when she ate the plants that grew there. It was always burdensome to take the life of a plant for her own life. All she could do was to go to the plant and say thank you.

One day, the lettuce suddenly came to speak when she was picking the lettuce in the field. She looked around to see who was around, but no one was there. After a while, she knew that lettuce was talking to her. And she was so impressed by what the lettuce said.

"Do not be sorry about having me. I love you so much. I am so glad to give my life and my body to you because I love you so much. But just remember one thing. You love other beings as I love you with life force which you gain from me. I will be so happy if you live like that."