Lucid Paul, the farmer poet

by Knowing Korea

Lucid Paul, a Korean singer who recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of his debut, is described by many as a poet.

Known for his beautiful poetic lyrics and warm, comforting melodies, he had five of his songs selected in a 2014 list of ‘songs with beautiful lyrics selected by poets’, the only singer to have so many songs recommended. In the same year a book of letters he had exchanged with a poet was published and he moved to Jeju Island, an island on the Southern coast of the Korean peninsula, to start growing mandarins.

This new lifestyle choice didn't mean he was leaving behind music, however, as he has since released his seventh and eighth albums. His eighth album especially contained the many things that he realized in his time among the people and nature of Jeju Island, and his multiple identities as farmer, singer, and poet are all implemented in the songs and the title of the album, "All Lives Are Big And Small".