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Oriental medicine made purely from water

by Knowing Korea

Did you know it was possible to make medicine from nothing else but water?

All you need is a water purifier and a glass. First, fill your glass with hot water, and then add cold water. Voilà, you now have an Oriental Medicine known as Yin Yang Tang, or Sang Suk Tang. Though ill-advised these days due to pollution, Yin Yang Tang can also be made by mixing half a cup of water from a river with half a cup of water from a well.

In the Dongui Bogam, a 17th century Korean book of Oriental Medicine, Yin Yang Tang is described as an Oriental Medicine for stimulating your digestive and metabolic systems and recommended to those suffering a variety of ailments such as a weak digestive system, an upset stomach caused by food poisoning, hangovers, and vomit caused by a change of environment. It’s also effective for treating an upset stomach or a stuffed feeling in your chest following a mental shock.

Try making some Yin Yang Tang today with the help of a water purifier, but be sure to wait for it to cool down first!