Cutest gesture ever!

by Knowing Korea

PyeongChang 2018 channel in Youtube (


Foreigners attending the PyeongChang Olympics in Korea are falling love with the ‘finger heart’

For decades, the world of cute, fun hand gestures to make while taking photos has been dominated by the thumbs up and peace signs (or maybe throwing up the horns if you’re feeling rebellious).

However, their time may be coming to an end as the PyeongChang Winter Olympics has helped introduce the world to a whole new gesture that Koreans have been doing for years: the ‘finger heart’!



“What is this ‘finger heart’, and how can I do it?” I hear you cry! Well, it’s easy. You simply cross your thumb over your index finger to create a heart shape with your fingertips. If you’re still struggling, there are official PyeongChang Winter Olympics gloves you can buy specially made for making finger hearts with red tips on the thumb and index finger.

Athletes from across the world quickly picked up on the phenomenon, and before long were throwing up their own finger hearts on the medal podium or in selfies. Sports Journalists, too, fell in love with the gesture, with articles gushing over its cuteness appearing on popular sites such as Buzzfeed.

As K-pop and dramas have paved the way for Korean culture worldwide, who’s to say the ‘finger heart’ won’t be the next export?