Why did an elementary schooler gift President Moon 10 cent?

by KnowingKorea

South Korean President Moon Jae-in recently visited Kyeongdong Elementary School in Seoul to spend a day talking to day-care teachers concerning new social care policies, as well as sharing tasty snacks with the small children. As far as many were concerned, the simple story ended there without incident, until a broadcast by The Blue House LIVE where administrative official Kim Sun-myeon shared a story the president had bragged about concerning his visit.

According to Kim, the president shared a story about how one of the small elementary school girls sitting next to him began digging deep into her pockets. Turning to the president, she regrettably told him “This is all I have”, and promptly handed him a single 100 won coin, worth no more than 10 cents. Korean netizens quickly fell in love with the story, with many joking about whether or not the gift may fall under Anti-Graft Laws passed in 2015 to combat bribery of politicians and public officials.