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A prayer for children before the national exam

by Knowing Korea

I appreciate the child who has endured so many difficulties before today. I am thankful to my child and their friends who have overcome tough times where they must compete with one another. I am deeply grateful to all the teachers who have taught and taken care of these children so far. My child, like any other child, came to this earth from the heavens and will forever remain perfect. All the things my child has undergone are spiritual journeys Heaven has prepared for them, and the results are Heaven's gift.


In the future, Heaven will help and lead my child in the decision they make on what to major in or whether he makes another choice instead of college. Please let me keep an eye on the child through Heaven. Let me be the person that helps the child in silence on their beautiful and great spiritual journey. Don’t let me forget the fact that children who come into the world through me and others are perfect, and that they will exist forever as perfect beings under the scheme through which Heaven sent them into the world. I am grateful to Heaven for making me realize the spiritual meaning of life again through this test.