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Anonymous angel leaving donations outside Wonju Fire Station

by KnowingKorea

For the past four years, a mystery donor has been leaving large amounts of money outside the Wonju Fire Station. The latest, a generous 4.59 million won (~$4,200) came in a box covered with kind comments like “Thank you firefighters, as always. Be careful not to catch a cold.” This comes on top of 2.9 million won (~$2,700) received in 2015, 4.2 million won (~$3,900) in 2016, and 3.4 million won (~$3,200) in 2017. Along with the money other gifts such as warm bread were also often included.

Image by Wonju Fire Station.

Keen to find out who their mysterious benefactor was, the firefighters finally discovered their identity as a hard-working street vendor. Offered a commemorative plaque and tour around the fire department in way of thanks for her generosity, she respectfully declined, refusing even to have her name made public in connection to her good deeds. All she asked for is that the money be used to enrich the welfare of the firefighters and their families, which a spokesperson for the fire station promised they will.

Image by Wonju Fire Station.