The Inspirational B-Boy Who Won’t Let Losing a Leg Get in the Way of his Dreams

by KnowingKorea

When he was in middle school, Kim Wan-hyeok watched as other boys in his class practiced break dancing for a festival performance. Wishing he could join in, but too shy and timid to ask, he began to copy their dance moves by himself at home. Unfortunately, aged twenty-four Kim was in a motorbike accident and lost one of his legs, but he refused to let this deter him from his path.

“I wanted to show what I was capable of” he revealed in a press interview, though it is not without its frustrations. “If other B-Boys make mistakes the audience laugh, but when I do, they feel too bad to. It’s so embarrassing [..] I have no interest in money, I just want to dance […] disabled or not, I just want to be a good dancer.”